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For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on living in the virtual world. Try to imagine what will happen when people spend more and more time in the virtual world instead of interacting in the real world. You are required to write at least 150 words but no more than 200.


The relation between the virtual world and the real one has aroused public attention in recent years, and has become a stormy topic on in TV programs, newspapers, university classes and many aspects of our everyday life.

The topic’s status as the focus of public concern mainly results from the virtual world based on the Web is a double-edged sword for human beings in the real world. For one thing, it is undoubted that the virtual world does bring men unprecedented experience, such as on-line shopping, chat with friends and family members on the web, playing video games, e-commerce and so on; it seems that the virtual world can meet all requirements of humans. For another thing, as the wisest creature on the planet, we, humans should reflect on what will take place if they take more and more time to live in the virtual world rather than in the real world. For my part, if we do so, the time we spend with friends or family will become less. And we hardly see them once in a week. It will make us feel lonely if we continue to be indulged in the virtual world instead of enjoying the real life , such as talking with friends on the phone or going out with them.

To my best understanding, we should distinguish that the virtual world is totally different from the real one and the former cannot replace the latter either. Otherwise we will be reduced to the slaves in the virtual reality. If we want to enjoy our life and keep our friendship more effectively, we should spend more time with them in our real life. Only in this way can we not only make full use of the communication tool in the virtual word but also make our real life more meaningful and colorful.


Ever since the birth of it, the computer has largely changed human being’s life and there has been a hot debate about its effects on humans. Undeniably, computers have taken the place of humans in many areas and it seems that computers begin to think like man, but this does not necessarily lead to the danger that man will think like computers.

The reasons, in my opinion, are as follows. Firstly, when computers release human from repetitive tasks, humans themselves can spend more time on creative works, such as scientific research, which require imagination and cannot be completed by computers. Meanwhile, thanks to computers, humans get more spare time with their friends and family, which enhances their happiness. Moreover, even though computers can work automatically, the premise is that the program, which is written by humans, has been installed in it.

In conclusion, humans, unlike computers, have creative ability, emotional desires and social bounds. Thus, I don’t think that there will be the danger that man will begin to think like the computer.



Big City or Small Town

1. 很多的大学生毕业后留在大城市工作;

2. 也有人选择到小城镇开始自己的职业生涯;

3. 结合自己的实际情况谈谈自己的想法。


Want to be a small fish in a big pond or the other way round? Every graduate faces this question when he starts his career. A large number of college graduates prefer to stay in the big cities. To them, big cities mean more experiences, more opportunities to see the big world and more space for career development. At the same time, higher salary is another temptation.

But some other graduates want to start in small towns. Even though there may not be many big companies, they can have a quieter and less competitive life. Another reason is that they can be a big fish in a small pond. They can easily get the management’s attention and may win promotion earlier.

As far as I am concerned, I prefer to start in a metropolis like Shanghai. A good begin is half the battle, and in Shanghai I can find a job in a big company where I can meet people from different places and cultures. I will learn from them what I can not get from textbooks.


The seats in our school reading-room are not enough for all the students. Many people get there very early to "seize" a seat every day. So do I. One day a "special" thing happened to me. And I learned a lesson that I shall never forget.

It happened on a Wednesday morning last January, just before our final examation. I got to the reading-room very early to occupy a seat. I put a book on the desk and then went to have breakfast. But when I hurried back into the reading-room, I found someone was sitting on the seat which I had occupied in advance. I ran to him immediatly and shouted at him angrily, "Go away. It's my seat." Everyone raised their eyes and stared at me unfriendly. My face turned red and I felt ashamed of myself. I took my book and fled helter-skelter before so many eyes.

I dared not go to the reading-room for several days. I learned a lesson in the reading-room. Since then I have been keeping the lesson in mind: To be polite to everyone.














Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the use of robots. Try to imagine what will happen when more and more robots take the place of human beings in industry as well as people’s daily lives. You are required to write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


With science and technology developing, an increasing number of people prefer to study online instead of attending school. Indeed, e-learning has become a common phenomenon.

There are two factors leading to this condition. For one thing, with the speeding up of modern life rhythm, the internet, to a large degree, plays a dominant part in our daily life. Thus, there is no doubt that it offers us many advantages and makes our life more convenient and efficient, ranging from online meal booking to reading online. Additionally, it is a more advanced approach to access to essential and useful information. By clicking the mouse , any stories and information what I want at any given time and site can be accessed. Consequently, that’s the reason why a large number of people prefer to choose the way of studying online.

Admittedly, much useless and false information abounds on the internet. It is advisable for us to reading more carefully and critically.


now it is common to hear a reward in dong a good deed. there is no consensus of opinions among people as to the view of it .

people who expect the reawrd have their reasons.some people are in favor of the idea.first,they think that we can be encouraged easily by this to do good things. second,they are attached to the belief that "no pains,no gains".that is to say,they shoulk gains something after doing efforts. third,they say that a good deed is to be valued properly in this worlk.but others may not agree. those who dislike the expectation have their reason.for one thing,they regard lei feng as a model,which means praises or payment is beyond a good deed. for another, they believe that we , as students in china, should do these matters without any payments.

there is some truth isn both arguments. judging from the above,i man safely draw the conclusion that a reward does more good than harm,if we get it legally. certainly,there is little doubt that further attention will be paid to this issue.


Dec. 24th dear managers, i am very grateful for you to give me another job in the company. thinking about the good opportunity you offer to me each time, i am really moved. what words should i say? it seems that words on this special occasion fail to express me. all in all, i just want to say "many many thanks for all your kindness and consideration." however , i can not accept the job you offer to me. i think, there are at least three personal reasons for this. first, i can not make full use of my major which i learned at college, though you pay much attention to me. second, i have a habit to challenge myself .

If a job or learning seems to lose the meaning of challenge, i will have to quit and find a challenging one for me. third, i am not used to working in the same place for a long time. i want to have more working experiences and know a lot of different people. therefore, i can not accept your offer . above all, i also want to express my deep appreciation of your understanding of my decision. i think there are other qualified personnel in our company who you should give a chance. if each potential employee in our company can have a chance to prove themselves for our company, i think, the company will become a more and more competitive company and will become more and more popular because of our smart strategy in employing qualified workers.

I wish the bright future for our company. best wishes for you all ! yours sincerely, tom


According to the picture, an employer turns down a job applicant, for his degree is less advanced than the other applicants, even though he has a good resume. Actually, what’s behind the cartoon is the tendency that employers focus on academic performance when hiring.

No one disputes that a college or higher degree opens doors. Despite that, as far as I’m concerned, academic degree should not be the primary criteria in selecting talents. First of all, academic degrees only represent the applicants’ proficiency in their school work, and cannot demonstrate their personality or other abilities. For instance, the responsibility of a human resources manager is to deal with people, and thus it requires advanced people skill which is by no means shown in the diploma. Second, emphasis on degrees may stall the development of the company. They will lose real talents if they judge people only by their educational background, while it is often the case that college drop-outs like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, etc., run wildly successful enterprises.

Therefore, instead of running after applicants with higher degrees, companies shouldbecome more concerned about what it takes to do the job and what a college education actually provides.


It was early in the morning. I was walking along a pebble path, enjoying the unique tranquility and freshness of the early spring. The path was surrounded by a fresh meadow with some bright scattered primroses. Dew glittered upon the grass and the aroma of the soil pervaded the air. Among the grasses, primroses danced with the beat of wind while the gentle caresses of the sun deepened their blush. Looking forward, we could see trees stretching their branches, which scrambled to get more sunlight.With a gust of wind, they waved their arms elegantly and whispered to each other. As I looked up at a branch, I was surprised to find a bird nest there and heard the timid new born creatures calling. They must be curious about the world around them and wondered where they came from, I surmised.

As I walked, I heard the talk of the wind and smelt the freshness of the air. With the coming of spring, tender leaves and newly sprouted buds unfolded. Flowers were in their full bloom and canopies began to darken. Nature showed me a world of new beginning and new hope, and a feeling arose inside me.


Will e-books replace traditional books? A new era has come. With the mass production of electronic devices and application of new technologies, mankind has entered an e age.

Nowadays, we have e-mails, e-tickets, e-tests, and e-books, and consequently, paper-based materials gradually vanish. Nowadays, e-books become extremely popular among youngsters, while traditional ones seem suffer a great loss of their readers. For some people, electronic and internet based books are convenient and accessible. Environmentalists even advocate the benefit of e-books on the ground of forest protection. E-books lovers even assert that traditional books will disappear in the near future. I have been a book worm for a long time. For me, reading experience is unique and rewarding.

Nothing can be more thought-provoking than thumbing through a book bought years ago under a table lamp in a dark night. As to note-taking, scanning and skimming, and portability, traditional books have advantages. Just as the invention of camera didnt put an end to the history of painting, traditional books are, and will still be, an intimate friend of readers.